Who am I?

My name is Jan Pochobradsky, I come from Prague, Czech Republic and I'm certified Personal Trainer.


When I was younger, I did Gymnastics for 6 years. Than I fluently switched to Sports Aerobics and kept competing for another 13 year. 


I speak fluently English, German and Czech.




My biggest Achievements:

2010    European Champion

2008   World Champion, Ind. Man

2006   World Champion, Ind. Man

2006   European Champion

13 years as a member of the Czech National Team


13x National Champion

Since 2012 I've been the Head Coach of SAWIN (Swiss Aerobics Winterthur) and the coach of the Swiss National Team of Sports aerobics/Aerobic Gymnastics.


I've been able to achieve with the Athletes multiple medals from the Worlds and Europeans for Switzerland



I worked many years as a Personal Trainer at Holmes Place, delivering over 80 sessions per month.  Later I became a Gym Manager, with a team of 25 Trainers and 5 Masseurs.


But in 2016 I decided to establish my own company and do things my way and my way only.



I offer my own Workshops or present a Theme chosen by the client. 


I use to teach Skilled running, Medicine ball, Primal Moves, Cross Gymnastics but my range is getting wider and wider.


In the past few years I used to work for SAFS. Since 2018 I've decided to carry on on my own.

Since 2016 I've been coaching the Privatklinik Lindberg's Winterturer Frauenlauf Group.


The biggest success is the victory of Franziska Kupper in overall. 


But I'm equally happy, that all the participants made through and did a good job!

In 2017 I've started to work with EHC Winterthur A Team.


It's a great team with amazing and open minded coach, and I really enjoyed our cooperation. 


I'm looking forward to 2018!

and finally my own company "Jan Pochobradsky Training", established 2016.


My main focus is on Personal & Performance (elite) Training, but I also offer Bootcamps and organise a lot of Workshops.


The reason, why I wanted to have my own company, was to do things my way-the way I think is right.



2007 - 2011   Charles University of Physical Education & Sports, Prague (Czech Republic)


2018              Rowing Workshop (Christian Finale)

2017               Crossfit Trainer Level 1

2017               Primal Movements (Stop chasing Pain)

2016               Les Mills Grit Instructor

2015               Bootcamp Trainer (Bootcamper.ch)

2015               VIVO Barefoot 

2015               Antigravity Instructor

2015               CPR/ First Aid Manager

2012               Jugend und Sport Leiterkurs (Gymnastik und Tanz)

2011                GRAVITY Personal Trainer and GRAVITY Group Trainer

2006              Personal Trainer (FISAF)

2006              Aerobic Instructor (FISAF)

2006              Muscle Conditioning (FISAF)

2005              Core Fitness Cours (FISAF)


My Team

 Simona Studentová

  • Professional Ice Hockey Player (Hockey Academy Neuchâtel)
  • Member of Czech National Team in Ice Hockey (1998-now)
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer


"Simona is a hardworker with a pure personality and I'm proud to have her on the Team. She is also one of the fittest Athletes I've ever seen."



Veronika Pochobradská

  • Former Member of the Czech National Team in Sport Aerobic
  • Coach of Aerobic Gymnastics (SAWIN)
  • Crossfit Athlete
  • Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Instructor


"yes, she is my lovely wife (not sister:-) ) and I'm glad we can work together, because she's got an amazing personality and professional Skills that strongly benefit my company "